Golden Apple: Sharon Schaub

After 40 plus years of teaching, Sharon Schaub knows what makes kindergarteners tick.

She said, “They’re enthusiastic, they’re loving, they’re forgiving, they seem to start the day on a high note every day, so you might be wondering how it’s going to go, and they step in and things always go pretty well.”

She makes them feel safe gives them confidence and lets them know they’re special

kindergartener Camryn Rheingans said, “There’s buckets that are invisible and you have them on top of your head and then the water comes in them when you have happiness.”

For Sharon, like many teachers, seeing her students progress over just one year is the best feeling.

She said, “They make so much growth from the time they step in here till now and that’s the big rewarding part, is seeing I can read this, I can read this and you say I never doubted that you could.”

And as Sharon puts it, you can’t spell “kindergarten” without the word “kind”.

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