How hospitals impact communities

Mercy Medical Center - North Iowa

MASON CITY, Iowa – A new study shows the importance of a strong hospital system, on everything from jobs to the tax base.

Steve Davis, Director of Marketing and Planning at Mercy Medical Center- North Iowa,  has been living in Mason City for more than three years now.

Before Iowa, he was living in Chicago, but one local career incentive brought him here.

“I came here to work for Mercy, basically, I spent a couple of months here consulting and decided I liked the people and I liked the work,” said Davis.

And he’s not alone.

He’s just one of many that have moved to the North Iowa area to work at Mercy’s hospital or clinics.

Davis says he feels having the resource of a hospital like Mercy can only bring good things.

“I think we deliver great healthcare the economic health of a community is tied directly to the physical health,” said Davis.

And a recent study backs him up.

According to the Iowa Hospital Association, community hospitals create more than a 120,000 jobs.

Shaun Arneson, with the North Iowa Corridor says he’s been seeing it first hand.

“I think it is having a hospital like Mercy Medical Center- North Iowa here in our own backyard is a great asset as well as a great resource,” said Areneson.

The study also shows that those working at local hospitals spend more than 1.6 billion dollars on retail and nearly 99 million in state sale tax revenue, statewide.

“When you look at that on a local level those types of positions affect home prices, consumer spending, as well as just the local tax base,” said Areneson.

And when he compares his new home to his background in Chicago, Steve Davis says he’s more than happy to call the smaller community his home.

“Home is where you find people and work that engages you and that’s important,” said Davis.

Mercy alone employees more than 3,000 people in our region.

Mayo, meanwhile, has more than 15,000 on staff in four states.

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