LGBTQ community claims unfair targeting

E-cigarette ban

KIMT News 3 – While e-cigarettes continue to be a hot debate, one group says they’ve been unfairly targeted.

Project Shift MN is a group from the Twin Cities who advocate for the LGBTQ community, and say they’ve been targeted by big tobacco through e-cigarettes.

One group leader says that by partnering with allies, tobacco companies are misleading folks into trusting their products.

“Big tobacco has been known to give money to AIDs organizations and other health organizations that support LGBT and they used those tactics to make the LGBT community buy cigarettes because the LGBT community says okay your ally to us,” said Adrienne Pabst, Shift MN Core Leader.

Minnesota legislators are also gearing up for a new bill that would add e-cigarettes to the Minnesota Clean Indoor Act.

Like cigarettes, e-cigs would be restricted in public indoor locations.

“It’s an equality thing and I think that when it comes to health disparities, it’s partly a health thing but it can’t be separated from equality. The reason they know that the LGBT community is easily targeted is because there are lower levels of equality,” said Pabst.

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