Secondary roads delaying school start times

CHARLES CITY, Iowa – It might seem like local schools have been on hiatus this winter with round after round of snowfall causing delays and cancellations, and teachers and faculty agree.

Riceville schools were cancelled along with a few others today and the Charles City School District was on a two hour late start for this morning, even though the sun is out

The mountain like curbs are finally melting away with the random spike of 40 degree weather, but things still looked pretty grim this morning after Monday morning’s snowfall.

Dusty Rolando is the Floyd County engineer and says that most of the time, it’s not easy to stay ahead of the winter conditions, especially in winters is like this.

“You’re just hoping that the wind subsides which it has to a point where we could hit it early this morning and trying get ahead of the bus the buses and people going to work.”

Safety is top priority with any snowfall which is why Superintendent Dan Cox took the safe route, and delayed school yet again, even on a day with not a cloud in the sky and no snow in the forecast.

“Superintendents talk with one another about road conditions and delays and things like that, so I got a call from a neighboring superintendent who said he was going two hours late due to gravel roads being fairly impassable,” Cox said.

Cox understands that all county workers and engineers like Rolando work hard to get things cleared off as soon as possible, but some days are just better than others.

Cox and Rolando do share one common thought about today’s weather; they wish it would stick around forever.

“It’s never ending,” Cox said, “but we know spring is coming, it’s just coming slowly,”

The school district has already had four snow days and countless late starts and early dismissals.

According to Superintendent Cox, as of Tuesday, the Charles City School year will be stretching all the way to may 30th and that with another system blowing across our region on Thursday, it might even lead to another late start, or possibly a snow day altogether.

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