DMC making major strides forward

DMCC Meeting

ROCHESTER, Minn. — It is a major project that needs some major paperwork done before things get rolling, so the Destination Medical Center Corporation board met once again for some approvals.

Some of the things on the agenda include an agreement with the city of Rochester and the Economic Development Agency.

Another Destination Medical Center Corporation meeting down, another major step forward in the 20-year-project.

“It shows the cooperation, we’re all kind of breaking new ground ourselves in this whole endeavor so as we work through it, we’re trying to address the different things that come forward,” said DMCC board member Ed Hruska.

This time the board was able to approve an agreement on services between the DMCC board and the DMC Economic Development Agency. Plus an agreement on the funding and support from the city of Rochester.

“We were really close last time but we just really felt that our board members needed enough time to really digest all of this,” said DMCC Board Chair Tina Smith.

She cites some concerns about the wording in these documents that needed to be fixed before DMC leaders could move forward.

“The right balance of responsibility and authority and power between our organizations, both in the articles that we passed Wednesday as well as these really important contracts,” Smith said.

That means there is some important work ahead for those on the board and those who are working on other parts of the project.

“Really creating the roadmap between the community of Rochester and with the city government and the county. What is the roadmap going to look like for how we build the Destination Medical Center?” Smith said.

Hruska serves on the DMCC board and the Rochester City Council, so he knows that this is a great step forward for both parties.

“We’ve put everything into motion that we’ve talked about for so long now. This is more of the EDA doing this, but get the consultants into place and getting the projects, start to review the input, start to look at the data they need to start to look at some plans,” Hruska said.

All that is left is an approval from the city council.

“It appears that the homework’s been done, everybody seems to be on the same page and everyone is in agreement with everything we have in front of us so it seems like it’s going to move forward,” Hruska said.

The city council also had a few DMC-related items on their agenda Wednesday. They were looking to approve the revised articles, the 2014 budget and the support and funding from the city.  All three items passed.

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