How negotiators handle crisis


MASON CITY, Iowa – As a way of life, crisis negotiators find themselves in harm’s way, all to protect and serve others and today, they’re sharing their experiences.

Iowa State Patrol Crisis Negotiators have recently been called in to several different situations including a recent crisis in Lake Mills last month.

Boasting a 100 percent success rate, these troopers say the most important part of their job is establishing communications with any potential threat.

“Theres a range of emotions going through their head and so what we need to do is be that calming influence and make contact with that person. We’re gonna be someone who can bring their emotions down, start to rationalize what they’re going through,” said Sgt. Brett Tjepkes with Iowa State Patrol.

Just in the past few weeks, hostage negotiators say they’ve responded to nearly a dozen calls.

Compared to all last year where they responded to a total of 27 calls.

“What we need to do is just make contact with them as soon as possible and try to be a calming influence. Try to get this person to stop thinking emotionally and start thinking rationally. So it’s important that us as crisis negotiators are police officers,” said Tjepkes.

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