New weight requirements for bridges

new weight requirements for Franklin County bridges

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Iowa – There are some decade old bridges in Franklin County that have county engineers concerned about the safety of their motorists.

They have been working to maintain the structures and have now implemented weight restrictions for drivers.

Jay Waddingham, an engineer for Franklin County says that with how many bridges they have in their region, it’s tough to stay ahead on all of the maintenance they require.

“In about the 1950s 1960s they are putting in seven or eight bridges a year,” he said,  “now, with the funding levels we get, we get about one or two bridges done per year so we’re not keeping up with the demand.”

They’re hoping that the lighter weight maximums will help preserve the structure until they have enough funding to renovate, repair or replace them all together.

Waddingham says that this is the smallest amount of bridge weight requirements the county has seen in three years, and that’s thanks to a hefty budget that was granted to them in 2011.

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