Police investigating fatal pedestrian crash


MASON CITY, Iowa – Law enforcement are investigating the fatal car accident that took the life one Mason City man.

Police arrived on the scene to find Clyde Parker Junior unresponsive after being struck by a van traveling Northbound on South Monroe Avenue.

Parker sustained massive injuries from the collision and after being transported to a nearby hospital was pronounced dead.

Now investigators are searching for answers about how Parker and the van crossed paths.

“It’s all year round. There are footprints here in the snow even as you can see today,” said Chris Rish of Mason City.

Chris Rish walks this area from time to time and says he sees others doing the same.

“It’s a very busy road. They go a lot faster than the speed limit it seems like when you’re right there with them like that and everything but no I don’t do it if I don’t have to,” said Rish.

“Traffic investigators will try to decide if weather had any contributing factors to this. Maybe that’s why Parker was walking in the street, because there was so much snow on the curb. We’re not sure but weather and those types of considerations will be taken into account,” said Capt. Mike McKelvey with the Mason City Police Department.

At first glance this stretch of road may look like an inviting path, but there are no sidewalks and lots of traffic
and with bad winter weather,  it can quickly turn into an icy slope.

That’s why city officials say it’s better to stay off it, at all costs.

“We’re trying to decide what Parker’s actions were prior to the collisions to help us put the pieces together,” said McKelvey.

“Definitely, definitely a dangerous situation now this time of year,” said Rish.

City officials today say they express their sympathies for the victim’s family but they do want to emphasis these roads without sidewalks, are not meant for pedestrians.

They also say that with poor weather they can be even more of hazard.

Mason City Police say they are still looking for witnesses who may have seen the pedestrian before the accident.

If you have any information, contact the Mason City Police Department.

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