Remembering Tyler



OSAGE, Iowa – A 27 – year-old Osage man travels west with some of his friends to go snowmobiling and hill climbing.

And while his friends have now returned home, Tyler Tourtellott has not.

The group was in Wyoming when things took a horrible turn.

On Tuesday, Tyler’s snowmobile got stuck in an avalanche.

His friends were able to out ride it, but unfortunately Tyler was not.

Now those around the area are remembering him.

“Tyler was a very dedicated employ here at Popp Excavating. He was of the guys when we’d get a call at 2 in the morning to go on an emergency call for Alliant Energy we’d call him,” said Kevin Popp.

Kevin Popp, is the President of Popp Excavating, Inc. in Osage.

But all day Wednesday he’s been doing is his best to keep his employees going after hearing the devastating news that their coworker had been killed in Wyoming.

And through it all, Popp is remembering the things Tyler Tourtellott loved and brought to the table when it came to his job.

“Tyler he took great pride in the vehicles around here he took care of all our semi-tractors and kept them up to spec so they were legal on the road and especially just made sure they were just spotless before he took them over,” said Popp.

Popp tells us its Tyler’s sense of humor and how he handled his responsibilities, that won’t be forgotten.

“I know he was in a farming operation with his dad, troy, they’d work with cattle manure all day long,  but when he’d come to work here he’d work with me in the sewer system, municipal sewer system, he wouldn’t have no part of that,” said Popp.

For Popp he wants to pass along a message about just how important one life can really be.

“To Troy and his sisters, just from us at Popp Excavating want them to know that he will be deeply missed by all of us and virtually irreplaceable,” said Popp.

Popp went on to tell me Tyler had a great sense of humor.

He told us he’s going to do his best to keep the trucks looking just as clean as he kept them.

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