Area shelters preparing for the storm


ALBERT LEA, Minn. — Some in southern Minnesota were ready to help out in Northwood if called upon, but otherwise they were prepping for the storm.

The Salvation Army and American Red Cross have been getting things in place for the weather that has now arrived.

The Salvation Army has a room full of clothes, food, drinks and other supplies ready if extra shelter is needed.

“We have stores of Gatorade and hot chocolate and coffee, we have the food pantry, we have an emergency management disaster room that we keep all of our stuff in and it’s all kind of there, ready to go,” said Cassandra Moffitt, a Case Worker for the Salvation Army.

The Red Cross is putting emergency trailers in places like Albert Lea and Austin where they may be needed.

“If needed we can support a shelter, if a lot of people would lose power or something like that we would be able to step in and support that along with the communities that are affected,” said Joellen Barak with the Southern Minnesota American Red Cross.

Both organizations work closely with the county’s emergency management department. They have volunteers on standby for when the call comes in.

“We would get a call from emergency management and if they deem it necessary that we come out, they call us and we come and that’s the agreement that we have worked out with them is that if they need us, we have a team of volunteers that’s trained and ready to go,” Moffitt said.

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