Surrounding areas help out

Linda Nydegger

KIMT News 3 –  It was all hands on deck for many in the North Iowa area, as folks were doing their best to reach out and help anyone that needed it due today’s evacuation in Northwood.

From homes to church facilities, many around the area opened their doors, providing food and shelter.

It’s prep time for Linda Nydegger.

She’s preparing some homemade soup, and she has help with this project.

“Well the day got interesting when we heard about what was going on in Northwood. We happened to think about some of the people who came from Northwood for our church in Bolan,” said Nydegger.

Nydegger opened up the Bolan schoolhouse for anyone who needed to take shelter, and also opened up her own home to some close friends from the area.

“Well we feel if they were evacuating the whole town they all needed to go somewhere and I’m sure could go to other relatives and so forth, but maybe some didn’t have relatives they could go to,” said Nydegger.

And Nydegger’s not alone.

Folks in Manly opened up the basement of Sacred Heart Catholic Church as well.

“Oh its been great we’ve had several phone calls here from people in Manly and Mason City asking us here if we needed anything and also we’ve had a string of people just stopping in from manly saying do you need anything,” said Deborah Nagle.

Nagle is from Northwood herself and was glad that friends of hers from the church were willing to take them in.

And she is very appreciative of whatever was offered.

“A friendly place, a warm place, and some warm food,” said Nagle.

And while everyone in this area will have stories to tell about this day for a long time for now, they are just focused on the moment.

“Right, making the best of it all. Had to wash our bedding wanted fresh bedding in case we had people,” said Nydegger.

Those at Sacred Heart Catholic Church said that some stopped by to escape the snowy weather and had a little dinner, but at this point they’ve closed up shop.

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