Travel conditions continue to get worse

Travel Troubles

ALBERT LEA, Minn. — As the snow continues to fall and the winds pick up and the sun goes down, it is getting harder to see outside.

Many travelers, including truck drivers, are keeping their eye on what is going on out there.

Both Iowa and Minnesota Departments of Transportation are reporting roads completely covered and difficult to drive on and they ask that you do not.

So many have decided that it is not worth continuing on and are bunking up for the night.

“It’s poor driving conditions is what it is. Coming out of Minneapolis it was dry changing to wet, changed to light rain, changed to light snow,” said truck driver Hayes Hall of Covington, TN.

He said his schedule just happened to work out with the weather.

“First of all I’m on my 34, second of all I’m not going to load until Saturday and I’m not going to get back out there in that mess. I’d rather just stay here,” Hall said.

Snowplow crews have been out in full-force all day and into the night. Despite that, a number of accidents are still being reported.

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