Fitness Friday: Interactive Biking


I’m going to just say, the bike at the gym is my least favorite cardio activity…ever!

But the North Iowa Community Schools hym is home to some pretty cool technology, so I decided to smile and try it out.

Here’s how it works: The system creates a virtual environment that looks and feels like riding a real bike.

I had Superintendent, Cory Myer get me all set up.

You can select different courses ranging from beginner to expert, and even turn your session into a game where you collect coins and complete missions.

You steer and shift just as you would a regular bike to follow the course.

There are other riders and the resistance adjusts by itself based on the terrain.


If you’re going up a hill or venture off the path, pedaling gets a lot harder.

This bike is a huge upgrade from your run of the mill setup.

It’s great way to switch up the workout and gives you a little boost from the competitive aspect.

Another great feature for that extra motivation, you can have a real life race with the person next to you.

So of course, i had to challenge Superintendent Myer to a race.

I won’t say who won, but even in a suit and tie, he’s very fast.

And so ends my cardio for the day. After even just that little bit, my legs are toast.

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