Many motorist stuck for the night in different places


ALBERT LEA, Minn. — The sun was out and the winds continued to calm throughout the day, but travel conditions have still been treacherous. All night and into the day safety crews have been working to pull cars and semis out of the ditch.

For a while interstates in our area were shut down and even though most of them are open now, the Minnesota and Iowa State Patrols are warning that travel is not safe.

Harvey Lacy hauls freight for a living. Thursday night, the man who calls Anaheim, California home was faced with some interesting weather.

“It doesn’t matter where you’re from. A lot of snow, a lot of wind,” Lacy said.

That snow and wind caused him to go off the road for quite some time.

“Luckily I had a TV set,” Lacy said.

He spent his whole night bunked up in the median of Interstate 90. That is because it was shut down and crews could not get him until about 8 a.m. Friday.

“The snow was up to my door. I eventually had to keep my truck running so I could keep heat. I kept warm and I had food and water in the truck luckily,” Lacy said.

Despite all that, it was anything but a restful night for him.

“The wind was blowing, I thought that it was going to rock the truck over. It’s funny how your fear can come out sometimes, especially for me because I’m not used to this kind of weather,” Lacy said.

While some like Lacy were stuck overnight, others were able to make their way to a place like Trail’s Travel Center in Albert Lea.

“Everyone kind of had to exit here and we had a lot, the whole parking lot was full and the restaurant was cram packed,” said Dustin Trail of Trail’s Travel Center.

That does not mean it did not come without a few headaches.

“For us it was a big thing just getting bodies in here to work. A lot of our employees work all over the rural area,” Trail said.

The camped out drivers know that getting their freight to its destination on time is important, but getting it there at all is even more important.

“If the weather allows me I’ll be there on time,” Lacy said.

Trail said he expects people to start working their way out as time goes on. He expects most people to start filing out Saturday morning when the sun comes back up and crews have had more time to clear the roads.

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