Post-blizzard roads pose dangerous threats for drivers


It’s going to be a long day for Sgt. Dana Knutson and the rest of the Iowa State Patrol.

Aftermath from yesterday’s blizzard can still be seen, but Friday even though the blizzard is over, the road conditions are posing a new threat for drivers.

“There’s probably an inch, inch and a half of ice built up on the roads surface and with the wind how the way it is the trucks that are lighter are having a hard time staying on the road and travel is extremely difficult at this point,” says Sgt. Knutson.

While I rode a long with Sgt. Knudson, he responded to several reports of jackknifed semi trucks.

“Majority of our calls today have been jack knifed semis, It seems like they’ve been partially going in the ditch and stopping the travel portion or completely crossing the road stopping traffic completely,” he adds.

“The Iowa State Patrol worked closely with the Iowa DOT and made the decision to lift the travel advisory around 2p.m.

Sgt. Knutson said drivers really need to take into consideration how important it is to be on the roads during those travel advisories he said it’s not just your life that could be on the line.

“That’s a dangerous situation for them and it adds that extra urgency that responders have to deal with as well trying to balance the risks to our own lives and to save somebody else’s life too.”

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