Removing the snow


ALBERT LEA, Minn. — The latest round of snow had folks out with shovels and snow blowers to clean up the mess left by mother nature.
But, people are running out of places to put it.
One place people are encouraged to avoid putting that snow is public roadways.
For people cleaning out their driveways, it might be a tempting spot to put that fresh snow.
But, Freeborn County Highway Department officials are encouraging people not to.
Saying it creates a whole new set of problems.
“Well, what happens is it starts to drift,” Maintenance Supervisor Curt Rebelein said. “Anytime you get a pile of snow and you get a wind, it’s going to start a drift there and every time it blows or snows, you get a bigger drift.”
He suggests cleaning out on the upside of the plow coming and to keep that clean.
So, the snow has a place to go before it gets to the driveway.

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