Shelter for stranded motorists


KIMT News 3- The blizzard conditions caused authorities to close several roads across our area, including major interstates, like 35 southbound. That left many stranded motorists in need of a place to stay.

The Albert Lea Salvation Army has set-up a temporary shelter for travelers. A total of 12 people spent last night at the National Guard Armory. They were given cots, blankets, food and water.

Some of them were still at the shelter, including Brian Bourgerie, who became stranded as he was driving from the Twin Cities are to Utah, where he’s supposed to start a new job on Monday.

“We’ll probably have to wait longer than everyone else because I’m covered in so much snow that they need a bobcat to get me out they said so i’m just waiting,” Bourgerie said.

Bourgerie said he passed the time by reading, texting family members to let them know that he’s okay and by talking with the other stranded motorists.

The Salvation Army is keeping the shelter open today for anyone who may need somewhere warm to stay because of power outages.

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