Storm challenges local town

Kensett power out

KENSETT, Iowa – The North Iowa town of Kensett only has a couple hundred residents, but they’ve been through a lot lately.

Their town hosted evacuees from the nearby community of Northwood, after a chemical fire there.

Then Friday, they had to face power outages and barely plowed roads from the blizzard.

So folks in town were trying to make the best of it.

You could say Caroline Thompson is just rolling with the punches.

“Well I had a group of people at my house because of the evacuation in Northwood all day yesterday, then last night the power went out. Then we tried to get the generator working of course the wind was so strong,” said Thompson.

Eventually her generator did start running, but she decided to stop at City Hall anyways to keep others company who weren’t that lucky.

“When we had that ice storm back in ’93 a friend of mine came up here made breakfast for everybody so it’s just for the course,” said Thompson.

And Kensett Mayor Tom Dakin is doing the same.

He’s been on the phone all day with folks trying to figure out who has power and who does not.

“About half the town has been out of electricity since approximately 8 pm last night during the course of the day the rest of the town lost electricity. Alliant has been working as best they can to solve the problem,” said Dakin.

And that’s just the second problem their facing.

His city workers happen to live out in the country, and they don’t have power and are snowed in so they’re staying home.

So that means roads are barely getting plowed.

Dakin says at this point, he’s just trying to keep his townspeople informed and calm.

“Keep smiling, spring is coming, we’re doing the best we can,” said Dakin.

The good news in all of this is that those in Kensett got their power back on earlier this Friday afternoon.

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