Powering up after power outages

Kensett power out

MASON CITY, Iowa – Many people were without power following Thursday’s blizzard and its aftermath, but crews with Alliant Energy have been hard at work fixing a variety of issues and for the most part, the power is back on.

Crews tackled more than 60,000 outages in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota.

Justin Foss, a spokesperson for Alliant Energy says that many of their technicians worked 16-hour shifts in order to tackle the high demand of outages, but he also says the long hours were just one of the many obstacles they encountered while out on duty.

“Some of our crews were running into drifts that were eight foot to 4 foot drifts where our trucks got stuck,” he said, “we had to dig them out and turn around and come back once the plows went through.”

While many were in the dark for more than 24-hours, Foss says repair crews finished up their last few calls today and they plan to check in with those who lost power throughout the week.

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