Preparing for spring floods

Snowy winter and sloppy spring

KIMT News 3 – It may be hard to believe by looking outside today, but spring will eventually arrive, and all this snow will turn to water, and that’s likely to mean at least a little flooding, but not as much as you might think.

Austin and Charles City are two communities that deal with persistent floods and have struggled with this in recent years.

Mary Cross, a server at The Pub on the Cedar River, says they haven’t started thinking about the rising tides too much, but it’s always in the back on their minds.

“I know the one year, all of these bridges were closed so you had to go up and around into Floyd,” Cross said, “then the Floyd bridge was going to be closed, so if you were on one side you were on that side, and if you were on that side you’re on that side.”

The newest flood outlook from the National Weather Service is important reading for people like Cross and Mayor Tom Stiehm of Austin.

Stiehm has seen a number of floods while in office, but has been working hard at a system that will hopefully protect his city in the years to come.

“We anticipate the worst and we prepare as best as we can for the worst, but hopefully it won’t be that bad,” Stiehm said.

With the amount of snowfall we’ve seen recently, some are concerned about what the thaw will bring in the spring.

However, the National Weather Service says that while some parts of the state of Iowa have seen record snowfall, the actual water content of that snow hasn’t been above normal.

Cross says that hearing this bit of information has helped to put her at ease about what could be in store for this spring.

For more information about flood reports for Iowa and Minnesota, check out the Nation Weather Services full report here


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