Air checks clean


NORTHWOOD, Iowa – It’s been a major concern for one north Iowa community, but tests prove the town is safe.

Testing wraps up today for the town of Northwood after last Thursday’s fire evacuated the entire town.

A private contractor hired by the city says the tests show there is no continued threat of chemicals in the air.

In the coming weeks, they plan on conducting more tests weather permitting as continued precaution.

“They did some air quality monitoring throughout some places in town, than businesses that were kind close to out there and came back with zero readings so it was good. Which we figured was going to be,” said Mitch Hanson with the Northwood Fire Department.

After an investigation by the Fire Marshal’s office, they determined that there is not enough evidence to establish a cause but that they are leaning away from arson.

The same snow once used to help put out the flames is now keeping authorities from investigating the site to it’s full potential.

They plan on doing a full investigation once the snow has melted.

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