Bark Break Hotel


MASON CITY, Iowa –  A new hotel is going to the cats and dogs you could say.

It’s a business dedicated to making your life easier when you head out on vacation and need to find place for your pets to stay.

Welcome to the Bark Break Hotel – a concept that Daniel Quinn and Jonathan Willaman came up with.

“The fact that my dog didn’t have a place to go in town. We don’t believe in cages so we thought what the heck, we’re going to build our own,” said Quinn.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Originally, Willaman was Quinn’s dog trainer.

Then they became friends, and now business partners.

For Quinn, watching the business come together like this has been one experience he’ll never forget.

“The progress just it was tough from the start to get a business plan and that took them a month to do to get the banks to finance us it was quite the deal all of a sudden the walls started going up and here we are,” said Quinn.

The hotel is set up with rooms to fit more than 20 dogs and 6 cats.

Each dog has their own room, with a camera installed above it.

That’s so the owners can watch the live stream from their phones or iPads to keep a loving eye on their pets.

“In hotel suites they have their own individual room, if you walk around here you’ll feel everything is like home so we want the dogs to feel they’re coming from home to another home,” said Willaman.

And for these two entrepreneurs, they’re hoping business will be “paw-some.”

An open house will be held this weekend starting Friday at four.

They said so far March is almost completely booked.

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