Iowa Secretary of State pays Mason City a visit

MASON CITY, Iowa – One of Iowa’s leaders stopped by Mason City on Monday to encourage young people to vote. Secretary of State, Matt Schultz, arrived at the High School earlier this morning.

He’s partnering with “Rock the Vote” and so far has heard very positive comments out of seniors across Iowa.

Iowa is the first state to have their Secretary of State partner with the “Rock the Vote” cause and now other states are following suit.

Because of recent concerns over votes not counting in Cerro GordoCounty, Schultz says they’re working to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

“It was bad information that was given to us for one voter and then the information wasn’t updated on the other two voters so we’re working right now with the legislatures to try and solve that problem because we don’t want people who obviously have the right to vote to be kept from voting.”

Shultz says the Cerro Gordo voters have their rights restored and hopes this sort of thing never happens again.

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