MNsure works to make process smoother


KIMT News 3 — MNsure leaders have been working for months to smooth out what has been a pretty rough first few months and they just made one more change.

In an effort to make the payment process less confusing, they have streamlined it.

One of the changes is how consumers pay their first month’s premium.

One way involves completing the application, plan selection and payment process in one sitting on the website. The other is getting an invoice from the insurance company.

Locals say it was a much needed change.

“We got to a point where they were asking us to send checks directly to insurance companies which created a whole other level of complexity in it and timelines because no one’s staffed to receive all of the checks each day,” said Edward Hubbard of the Hubbard Agency in Albert Lea.

He said he was dealing with payment challenges just last week.

“It did work, some things worked better. It flowed a little smoother, but inevitably we couldn’t make payments again and I called up MNsure to see if they had any suggestions and they said that they were working on that problem,” Hubbard said.

Users will no longer be getting an invoice from MNsure for first month’s payment because those with the website say people were expecting it every month when that is not the case.

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