Baby boomers divorcing

Divorce book

MASON CITY, Iowa –  Divorce.

Some would say it’s a trend almost as common as getting married.

According to a recent report, divorce is increasing at an alarming rate for one the largest generations — the baby boomers.

Deb Georgia has heard it all.

She’s been a marriage counselor for more than 20 years now.

“I think that it is credibly important to work on healthy marital relationships it just, there’s so many things to build off of it and our impact off of a unhealthy one,” said Georgia.

So when she heard that more Americans over the age of 50 are twice more likely to get a divorce now than 20 years ago.

Her response?

Well, it’s no surprise.

“I think that there is some part of that divorce it has become less of an unhealthy thing to do, or a bad thing to do. Divorce has just become more common in our culture so there isn’t so much shame or stigma attached to it,” said Georgia.

According to Georgia, women are more likely to initiate the divorce, as opposed to men who may feel like the relationship is enough for them.

But area Divorce Lawyer Dave Eastman, with Eastman Law Office, says while it may be showing nationwide, he’s not seeing it here.

“People may be more inclined to make it last after a long term marriage which the older folks typically have,” said Eastman.

But if there’s one cause Eastman can point to, it’s our population.

“My first reaction is there are more couples over 50 now because our population is aging because of baby boomers,” said Eastman.

Georgia says divorce maybe an option for some, but it doesn’t hurt to keep trying.

“Everybody, everybody has a conflict and if you don’t reconnect that conflict you just grow farther and farther apart,” said Georgia.

When asked for advice on how to keep a solid marriage going, Georgia responded with three things.

One, you have to commit.

Two, you have to be able to have intimate communications.

Three, you have to be able to forgive each other — because, she says, everyone is human.

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