Events center plans on hold


MASON CITY, Iowa – The cold and heavy snow is forcing more than one business to make adjustments this season.

The North Iowa Events Center was originally in the process of moving their new announcer stand in to place but with poor weather conditions, those plans are on hold.

The new stand used during racing events, is currently being held in this nearby indoor facility. Events center officials say they couldn’t be more anxious to bring install the new structure.

“It’s starting to create a read of the worry for us and a challenge for us to be able to be completed on time so we keep looking at it and we keep thinking spring has to come soon,” said David Green, General Manager with the North Iowa Events Center.

Green says they’re aiming for installing the new structure before April.

“Now the weather keeps delaying us. It’s too cold for the guys to work outside too long and then we have to look at are we able to access the race track and the grandstand area with all the snow,” said Green.

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