Snow piles create driving hazards

MASON CITY, Iowa – As more snow continues to build, we’re seeing piles just like these in the worst possible places for drivers.

Parts of north Iowa and southern Minnesota have seen several inches of snow in the past few weeks causing massive piles to form and obstruct the view of drivers.

One city administrator says they’ve seen more accidents then ever before this winter and visibility around corners could be to blame.

“People need to be very aware of your surroundings when they approach intersections, be cautious, slow down especially at dusk. Make sure that you have your lights on and avoid anything that might distract you like cellphones, texting and that type of thing,” said Tom Brownlow, City Administrator for Charles City.

Another hazard Tom asks us to be aware of are driveways where snow can reach heights even greater than on city intersections.

“We’ve done our best to try and minimize the problems, but I think our citizens have been good about realizing that the snow has to go somewhere. So they understand our efforts and have been very good about it,” said Brownlow.

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