Council makes decision on Skate Park


ALBERT LEA, Minn. — It’s been a hot button issue in the city of Albert Lea.
And now, a decision has been made on the future of the city’s skate park.
The city council has decided to keep the park at its current location at city beach.
Because of noise and profanity, some residents wanted the park to be moved to another location.
But, as of now, that won’t be happening.
Although, changes will be to help ease concerns.
They will include installing more security lights, actively policing the area and potentially closing the park for an amount of time if problems persist.
“With the rules of conduct, that it will be what it was intended to be,” Albert Lea City Manager Chad Adams said. “A neighborhood asset and a community asset, so, think that’s some of the benefits that were looking from it.”
He says when the skating season ramps up; they are looking to hold an event for those who use the park.
So they can hold activities and go over the parks rules.

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