Group looks to extend sales tax


ALBERT LEA, Minn. — A local foundation is looking to extend a half-cent sales tax in the city of Albert Lea.
The Lakes Foundation of Albert Lea is driving an effort, looking to extend the tax for five years.
It was approved in 2005 and is used for lake improvements, which is done by the Shell Rock River Watershed District.
It was slated to last 10 years or until it collected 15 million dollars.
However, with the recession, it has come up short.
And with the dredging project effort underway, extending it could play a key role in helping get that done.
“Shell Rock River Watershed District is working extremely this year to move forward with a 7.5 million dollar bonding bill at the legislature,” Lakes Foundation President Laura Lunde said. “So, extending our sales tax is going to allow them to do the work necessary to put our dredging equipment in the water.”
She adds they are currently working to get a letter of support from the city.
And that a bill on the extension is ready to be introduced to the state House and Senate.

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