Iowa hospitals seeing improvements


KIMT News 3 – Iowa hospitals are seeing improvements by the numbers. This is partially due to an initiative that started back in 2011.

Nearly all Iowa hospitals are participating in the Hospital Engagement Network Initiative. This research-based program finds the most effective and safe ways to improve medical practices.

And its working.

Harm was prevented in more than 4,000 patients in 2013 alone and health care costs were reduced by 51 million dollars.

They have a three year goal – to reduce harm in hospitals by 40% and hospital readmissions by 20%.

The initiative was put in place by “Iowa Healthcare Collaborative.” We spoke with the President and CEO. He told us that North Iowa hospitals are very proactive in getting the best practices in place,

“The providers have taken kind of proactive position your hospital and clinics have adopted performance improvement before it was cool, and they are very active in that process so they’re very receptive to finding those best practices and getting them in place and working to improve patient safety and reduced costs.”

Evans contributes progress to monthly reviews of how all hospitals are doing.

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