New technology to treat asthma

There’s a new technology that allows respiratory therapists to diagnose and treat asthma by measuring the amount of nitric oxide in a person’s breath.

The Hancock County Health System now has this new device. The patient breathes into it and the system can monitor the amount of nitric oxide in their breath.

“If it’s a higher amount, then that patient likely has a lot of airway inflammation meaning that maybe that patient needs to be put on an inhale steroid or something like that because they’re just not being maintained the way there disease process is going,” says Respiratory Therapist, Molly Schaefer.

The device will tell the healthcare provider the severity of the airway inflammation and help determine the type of medication needed for treatment.

The device is fairly new, so it hasn’t been used too much.

But respiratory therapists say they’re fortunate to have access to the device.

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