The aftermath of frozen pipes

KIMT News 3 – The weather is causing more problems than just rough driving conditions as many communities have seen water main breaks and frozen pipes.

Some families have gone down the expensive road of thawing out their pipes, while others have been without water for weeks.

The Wickman family in Mason City is just one of the many battling with this frozen issue.

“We came back from a trip overnight and I went to go wash my hands and turn the sink on and it was gone,” said mom and homeowner Libby Wickman.

The Wickmans have been without water since Feb. 1st, and as the mother of young children, Wickman Libby was ecstatic to finally have running water again after connecting a heated RV hose to their neighbors’ house.

However, with this new connection, there is a new headache on the horizon; water bills.

“I can’t imagine what their water bill is going to be obviously ours won’t be there but theirs could be probably triple and I don’t hang home I know people are called and there’s nothing that the city can do,” Wickman said.

While some families, like the Wickmans, are struggling to figure out how to make ends meet with their neighbors, others have been more fortunate and their troubled waters were the topic of conversation at city council meetings.

Nick Wilson, the Mayor of Sheffield said that it was a unanimous decision for their city council on Monday evening to provide as much aid and relief for families without water in their community.

“There were 14 people that didn’t have water to their house in Sheffield,” Wilson said, “so we decided that the people would call the people to City Hall and we would we would waive, for two months, their water bill.”

The Wickmans have been in touch with their city council people but Libby says she isn’t too hopeful they will come to an agreement on how to handle the situation.

Sheffield isn’t the only city that has brought this issue to their city council meetings; officials from Hampton say it’s one of the top items on their agenda for tomorrow night.

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