Keeping the past alive

Downtown Britt

BRITT, Iowa – In any North Iowa or Southern Minnesota community, you can always find some buildings that hold special ties to the past, and one local city council is doing their part to figure out how to keep the past a part of the future.

The old bank and Ben Franklin buildings have been located in downtown Britt for many years now.

No one is working or living in them now, and they need a lot of work to be fixed up.

So those on the city council are trying to figure out what to do with them.

City council member Dwight Leerar says bottom line, he doesn’t want to see the buildings torn down.

“We have been looking into preservation. There are some people out there but we just couldn’t do anything with the Ben Franklin still not for sure,” said Leerar.

Leerar says they have two options either to restore or demolish them.

He says right now, they’re waiting on the paperwork to go through in order for them to completely own the Ben Franklin building as well.

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