Number of house fires up in Mason City


MASON CITY, IA – Local firefighters are very busy, especially in the last few months.

In Mason City alone, they responded to more than a dozen structural fires, which is higher than normal.

Adding to that number, were two early morning fires on Thursday in Mason City.

One began around 1:00 a.m. in the 800 block of 9th Street SE. The neighbors noticed a fire by the chimney on the East side of the home and called 911.

Firefighters also responded to an apartment fire where the residents were trying to heat the home with their stove when a cupboard caught on fire. Everyone was safe in both fires.

Both incidents are reminders that there can be dangers with how you heat your home in the winter months. One local fire captain advises to, “Make sure the chimneys are kept free of soot and debris, which is the biggest cause of chimney fires. When you use a chimney the soot gets obviously in the chimney and if you get a lot of build up in that it will cause it to get really hot and basically light up the surrounding area on fire.”

Fire officials also tell us, to avoid blazes like these, stay away from portable heaters as well.

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