Study sheds light on multiple myeloma


ROCHESTER, Minn. — A new study is showing a racial disparity when it comes to a certain cancer.
The nationwide study shows blacks maybe twice as likely as whites to develop multiple myeloma.
The cancer kills more than 10,000 Americans each year.
It’s caused when malignant cells spread throughout the bone marrow, causing abnormal levels of the “M” protein.
While they knew a racial disparity existed, leaders of the study say they may know why it exists.
“We found that the pre-cursor for multiple myeloma was much more common in African-Americans compared to whites and this maybe the reason or one of the reasons why with myeloma there is a racial disparity,” Dr. Vincent Rajkumar Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic said.
He says when they broke down the national numbers from the study,
They found people living in Northern and Midwestern states have a higher incidence of MGUS, which is the pre-cursor to multiple myeloma.

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