Tea Party celebrates five years

American Flag

KIMT News 3 –  It’s the 5th year anniversary of the Tea Party Movement, and since then, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has been a strong voice for the tea party.

She was a guest speaker at the Tea Party Patriots event Thursday morning in Washington, and thanked those in the audience for helping the GOP party win back control of the house in 2010.

You may remember the year before that is when the first tea party protests broke out.

The movement was centered on reducing the size of government and started as the President was touting his stimulus package to help ease the recession.

Now five years later, the question is how much impact will the Tea Party have in the 2014 elections.

Not long ago, Mason City resident Mark Tlusty’s attitude toward politics was a lot different than it is now.

“Probably five, six years ago I just go really interested into politics. I kind of wanted to know where my money was being spent,” said Tlusty.

So he joined the tea party group in North Iowa.

For him, he’s very proud to be a part of politics now, and couldn’t happier to see the tea party celebrating five years of their progress.

“To me we’re the watch dogs. we kind of look out what are they doing with our money where are they spending so that’s kind of the reason I wanted to get involved and help get it started in this area, and it went nationwide real big, real fast,” said Tlusty.

Political Analyst Dr. Eric Shoars says he wasn’t surprised to see the tea party movement become so popular so fast.

“What the tea party has done though for the average citizen is to give them a sense that they have a voice again,” said Dr. Shoars.

He says with people becoming more and more upset with how politics are going recently, the message of the tea party has more staying power than some other movements.

“In this day and age with the way that the structure and organizations and money flowing. It really favors the two party systems and if you go to a third party they’re not going to be elected but its going to second vote largely with the Republican Party,” said Dr. Shoars.

And Tlusty couldn’t stress enough; their political group is here to stay.

“We could make a phone call we could get the group together in a heart beat,” said Tlusty.


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