NIACC hosts parents night


MASON CITY, IA – There are a lot of factors high schoolers have to weigh when deciding what college to attend, and ultimately, spend a lot of money on.

That’s why NorthIowaAreaCommunity College held a parents night, giving parents and students help, and hopefully making that big decision a little easier.

The Murrays are preparing to send their first child to college and the expenses they have always heard about are becoming a reality. “I’m a little stressed out about it. When I was going to college my parents were paying, you know it really wasn’t a big deal, but now I am the parent and I’m thinking wow oh my gosh that’s kind of expensive everything adds up.”

And they’re not alone. The choice of which college to attend is becoming more of a family decision as tuition costs grow higher and higher.

Rachel McGuire is the director of admissions and identifies one reason for the function, “We all know that cost is going up and so it becomes more of a family decision on what the family can afford and so the more they can prepare so that they’re ready for college and paying for college the better off the family is.”

Thursday night, NIACC offered several financial aid sessions, giving parents a better understanding of the different options available to their student.

After listening and asking questions, parents like the Murrays left feeling a little more prepared. “We’re the parents of the youngest student and there are things that we can be doing now that there are deadlines in august so I think we came at the right time.

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