A big glass of thank you

Fire Chief Rick Hanson

NORTHWOOD, Iowa –  It’s a great night for Northwood Fire Chief Rick Hanson and his crew.

Not only are they enjoying a few beers with each other on a Friday night and the drinks are for free.

“We couldn’t believe it. Matter of fact I had some guys earlier talking about it they say god they invited us to the brewery to congratulate us, I’m like god that’s not necessary no they want us to come,” said Chief Hanson.

Chief Hanson still can’t help but reminisce about that day of chaos that happened in Northwood just a week ago.

“You really never think it’s really going to happen when it does; honestly it worked really well though. We had so much support from everybody around the area we couldn’t do it by ourselves there’s no way,” said Chief Hanson.

And that’s why Worth Brewing Company Owner Peter Ausenhus is serving up free beers tonight for all fire fighters and EMS volunteers.

“The community has been really good to us and so we like to support the community whenever possible so it easy for us to just provide a location and give a little bit of support the local volunteers, emergency crews, and fire crew,” said Aushenhus.

Ausenhus says he hopes everyone understands the dedication these men and women have when it comes to helping others through out the area.

So a cheers, is the least he can do.

“I certainly hope these people who are volunteering get a lot of thanks. i know that people are very appreciative of it,” said Ausenhus.

And that’s something Chief Hanson can raise his glass to.

“We’re really here for the community, no matter what we do we’re trying to do what’s best for everyone in our hometown,” said Chief Hanson.

Friday night’s first beer was on the house.

Many volunteers stopped by even the Mayor was there to give everyone a big thank you and celebrate.

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