DOT plow trucks equip cameras


KIMT News 3 – If you’ve ever wondered what plow drivers see while braving the winter snow, now here’s your chance.

I-Phone cameras are now being installed in Iowa Department of Transportation plow trucks.

The department says this can help keep plow drivers efficient on their routes.

Drivers can log on to the dot website and see photos taken in near-real time from the trucks. Those with the DOT say they expect to see these photos really hit home with drivers.

“What this technology is allowing us to do is to be much more efficient in our operations. It is allowing our supervisors who are scattered across the state of Iowa, to get the ability to see what road conditions are to near real time,” said Craig Bargfrede, Winter Operations Manager with Iowa DOT.

The project is being piloted in central Iowa, but they hope to have coverage over most of the state by next winter.

“Hopefully this will give them enough information to make good decisions on whether or not it actually need to make that trip or whether they should probably delay it,” said Bargfrede.

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