Fitness centers benefit from snowy, cold winter

Blowing snow

It seems like the never ending winter. Between the cold and snow and terrible driving conditions many people in our area are in need of a break.

Snowy days like this are becoming all too common and in an effort to cure the winter blues many are turning to their local fitness centers for relief.

It doesn’t matter your age; chances are you’re getting sick of winter.

“I don’t like it, because it’s cold and it’s not very fun,” says Jadie Frein.

“It’s been a long winter,” adds Kenneth Eagen.

They along with hundreds other in the Osage area are making frequent visits to the Cedar River Complex.

Whether it’s hitting the fitness center to get ready for spring, or taking a dip in the pool it’s all about finding escape, in order to deal with winter.

“I do come here and just kind of put up with it I guess.”

Eagen is a regular at the CRC and he too finds relief in the form of a workout.

It’s even been a long winter for school children. Since they can’t play outside in sub-zero temps, they find activities to do here.

“Swim, volleyball and run around!” says Olivia Smith.

And taking shelter from the cold in the CRC has not just been great for members, it’s been great for business.

“Our memberships are nearing an all time high which is exciting, It was, they dipped down, we’re up about 50 memberships last year at this time,” says CRC Director Beth Blumberg.

They’re busiest times tend to be early mornings and right after school. But even compared to last year, they’re seeing more people.

“We have over, between 300-400 people a day coming through the door to escape the cold weather. Our fitness classes the membership is up there, swimming lessons, the pool is very busy on the weekends especially. I think families not just from Osage but from all over have been coming to escape the winter,” adds Blumberg.

She says attendance is up at 5% this winter season compared to last.

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