Fitness Friday: Wall Workout

One of my favorite sayings it “You’re one workout away from a good mood.” That’s especially true if you’ve had a rough day. I’m going to show you a different and calmer way to unwind and break a sweat. All you need is a wall. let’s go.”

First you gotta get some music pumping! For me, it’s virtually impossible to workout without it.

Head over to the wall and stand about three feet away. Put one foot on the wall behind you, raise hands to chest and lower into a lunge slowly, then return to start.

Do 20 reps then switch legs.

The next exercises are really going to target your arm, shoulders and back.

Stand with one side facing the wall, reach your far arm across your body to touch the wall. Keep your core tight and body straight as you lower down.

Most of these moves will be 20 reps on one side, then switching to the other.

this next one is kinda tricky and requires some concentration.

Start in a plank with your feet on the wall, one forearm flat on the ground, the other at the top of a push up position. Keeping that balance, do a push up for 10 reps.

As a former gymnast, I get a kick outta these next two.

Start on all fours facing away from the wall, then using your shoulder strength, explode upwards, tap your toes on the wall and return to start.

Now walk your feet higher up the wall to a near handstand position. Stay there as you lift one leg out, lower it back, and then switch to the other.

Now we get to stand up.

Face the wall arms locked out in front of you., bend your elbows to lower down till they touch the wall, then slowly come back up.

Back down on the ground.

Set both feet on the wall slightly higher than your shoulders. Pull one knee in towards your chest, return to start, then move the other knee in the same way.

Time to test that balance. One foot goes on the wall, both knees slightly bent. Put your hands behind your head as you twist your torso back, crunching elbow toward your hip, then return to start.

Almost done!

Next, start in a push up facing the wall, then quickly walk your hands up the wall keeping your core tight, walk back down. Try to go as fast as you can.

And finally, get into a wide sumo squat position, back flat against the wall, then simply bend from side to side engaging your obliques and feeling the burn in your legs.

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