Serious assault behind bars


MASON CITY, Iowa – Authorities respond to an assault, but this time it’s within jail walls.

31-year-old, Monte Ray Bitker of Rockwell is being charged with serious assault after a confrontation with another inmate at the Cerro Gordo County Jail.

Officers were able to subdue ray and place him in a separate holding cell.

Those with the county jail say they work to limit these types of altercations but sometimes these situations just happen.

“If one inmate doesn’t get along with the other inmates we try, if we can, we can separate them. Sometimes we can keep them in separate day room times. Sometimes we don’t even know that there’s an issue until it happens,” said Shad Stoeffler, Jail Administrator with Cerro Gordo County Jail.

Bitker is already serving jail time for a prior assault back in October of 2013.

“We had no knowledge that these two inmates had any problems prior to this incident. Nothing let up to it where we were able to see it. We can sometimes see it escalate where we can jump in before something happens,” said Stoeffler.

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