Warming houses expire


ALBERT LEA, Minn. — Those hitting the rinks in Albert Lea won’t be getting any reprieve from these cold temperatures.
Warming houses, like this one at Hayek Park, are closing for the season.
They were a place for folks to warm up and enjoy games while out enjoying the parks.
Officials say they usually close them around this time, with budgets being the main reason.
“We kind of set mid-February as our time to shut them down because of budgetary reasons,” Parks and Recreation Director Jay Hutchison said. “Just because of the weather this year, we’ve decided to keep them open for a couple of weeks longer. But, we’re getting to that time so we needed to close them up.”
He adds lights will also be shutoff at most parks for those who skate at night.
However, Academy, Hawthorne and Lakeview parks will remain on a timer, so, folks can skate at night there.

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