Weight loss surgery growing in popularity

KIMT WEB Covering Your Health

It might not seem like it but spring is around the corner which is usually the time folks start hitting the gyms to get into shape.

But for some, diet and exercise might not be enough.

That’s why more and more people are turning to weight loss surgery.

Bariatric procedures like the Lap-Band and gastric bypass are growing in popularity.

Mercy’s Bariatric Center in Mason City performed 150 surgeries just last year.

But say that having surgery to lose weight is a last resort.

“A majority of people have to go through a 6 month supervised diet and so they’ve went through that whole thing trying we do have some people that do the 6 months and the exercise and diets work a while so they kind of postpone surgery but most of the time they end up coming back,” says Bariatric Coordinator Shelley Mosiman.

Right now Mercy’s Bariatric Center offers two surgeries and are in the process of being able to offer the gastric sleeve surgery as well.

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