Education at any age


MASON CITY, Iowa – The job market today has many adults in our area turning to high school equivalency courses to get back on the right track.

At North Iowa Area Community College, they sponsor a high school equivalency course for adults to prepare for the High School Equivalency Diploma exam (formerly GED).

As more jobs continue to push for education and training beyond high school, experts say there is no better time to get started.

“It used to be that the high school diploma was just an end in itself but now we really push people to go on and get further training,” said Sandra Leake, Adult Literacy Coordinator with NIACC.

According to a study by Georgetown University, by 2018, 62 percent of available jobs in Iowa will need some education or training beyond high school.

In Minnesota, that number is projected to be even more at 70 percent.

“Jobs are requiring more and more skills more and more highly skilled jobs so that we have to be ready for that and ready for the changes in our economy,” said Leake.

Tiffany Azimi-Moteem of Mason City, says she knows she’s got a long road of school ahead of her. She wants to become a paralegal and her first step is to step into the classroom.

“I feel like if they can do it I can do it. My sister, she graduated high school and she’s in college and she has two kids and one on the way. So if she can do it, I know I can do it and I need to do it, to better myself,” said Azimi-Moteem.

Tiffany is just one of many adults who are realizing the value of getting their high school diploma.

“Just give it a try. It’s not for very long, you don’t have to go to school like you would have to if you were still in high school. You have to go couple of hours. You just got to get the time to do it and you should do it,” said Azimi-Moteem.

She also says that while it’s important to get a GED for better access to jobs, many parents are also interested in furthering their education, so they can set a good example for their kids.

For more information on how you can take part contact Sandra Leake at (641) -422-4176.

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