Hauling the snow away


MASON CITY, Iowa – Plows in our area are cleaning up what’s left of last night’s snow, hauling much of it away and bringing it here.

Located in a remote area of Mason City, plows haul snow from surrounding areas and dump it at a lot near the Winnebago River.

Despite the massive snow banks seen there, we’re yet to match last years snowfall totals of 56 inches.

So far we’re sitting at 49 inches but city leaders say there’s still plenty of time for another winter surprise similar to what we saw with last year’s May winter snow storm.

“We’re probably slightly above normal from what you would see around this area. This is probably not quite as full as it was last year, we’re a little bit behind on plowing from some areas because we just have to keep plowing all the time,” said Bill Stangler, the Operations and Maintenance Director with the city of Mason City.

Although the snow contains salt from the plows, Stangler says they haven’t seen any issues containing the run-off into the nearby river.

“It’s a large area where we can deal with a large volume of snow. Especially from the downtown area, from city parking lots, from cul-de-sacs that we need to haul or anywhere we have visibility problems. All that snow will be called in here eventually when the weather permits,” Stangler.

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