Officials find man frozen in snow

Man found in snow

AUSTIN, Minn. – He was found on the side of the railroad tracks just off of the 1500 block of 11th Dr. in Austin.

It was around 2:00 a.m. Monday when an Austin police officer and a Mower County Sheriff’s deputy found a twenty-eight year old man lying in the snow.

“I think if they weren’t out there when they were, we probably wouldn’t of found him till spring,” said Police Chief Brian Krueger.

Finding him wasn’t the only alarming part of the incident, but it’s how they found him, that was startling.

The Austin official asked the deputy if he could hear someone making sounds from off in the distance.

“He was like ‘I hear something’ and he started walking in almost waist deep snow in the direction where he heard this noise and found a 28-year-old male in the snow.”

That man was in poor condition when they finally discovered him and officials say his hands and forearms were beginning to curl up and the rescuers were unable to move him because his legs were so frozen.

It took three men to get him into their vehicle and once they did, he was brought to the Mayo Clinic in Austin where he was treated for his condition, something made even worse but his lack of proper clothing.

“He had no hat no gloves he was only wearing a light weight jacket and blue jeans,” Krueger said.

Police believe that the man could have walked on the tracks from the east side of town.

He was intoxicated when officials found him and as of now there is no update on his current condition.

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