Senator Jack Hatch talks about his run for Governor

State Senator Jack Hatch in Mason City

MASON CITY, Iowa – A veteran legislator at the Iowa Statehouse is running for governor, and talking about why he is the best choice for the state’s top seat. Democratic State Senator Jack Hatch is stopping in Mason City for a private fundraiser on Tuesday. He says he is making a run now, because he has the opportunity to.  He says Governor Branstad has disappointed Iowans with a timid agenda, and that he will be able to help build the economy up from local communities, and not by traveling to foreign countries to get ideas.

While he may not have as much name recognition as Governor Branstad, Senator Hatch says by the time the polls open, voters will know his name. “I’m going to be a governor that reaches out to every voter in the state to work together, everyone has a future under my administration and we’re going to work hard to protect the middle class, we’re going to make sure kids get early childhood education and will make sure every family has health care in the state.” Meanwhile, Senator Hatch says he is still very focused on his current duties as Senator and has only been away from Des Moines for a few days because of his campaign.

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