Store receipts contain traces of BPA

Store receipts contain BPA

MASON CITY, Iowa – If you’re someone who has piles of crumpled receipts on your dresser or in your pocket, you might want to know what you’re potentially being exposed to.

Recently, researchers with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency have found that the chemical BPA has been found in thermal receipts.

BPA is found in plastics, but because of health concerns, it’s been removed from water bottles, baby bottles, and even the lining of most canned goods.

Madelyn Cioci with the waste & Toxic Pollution Prevention Policy Unit said that this isn’t anything that could be life-threatening, but it’s always important to know and understand the things you might be exposed to.

Their company has offered solutions to the exposure that can be as easy denying a receipt or changing the way they’re printed.

“The approach that the pollution control agency has taken is that we are encouraging businesses to voluntarily shift to offering electronic or digital receipts,” Cioci said.

Standard paper receipts that use ink don’t have BPA, but researchers say if you are worried, you can always decline a receipt.

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