Snow traps cause more work for county crews


FOREST CITY, IA – With all the snow we’ve received recently, the Winnebago County Engineer wants to remind you to be more thoughtful when clearing your drive.  They are seeing more and more “snow traps.”

You might be wondering what a snow trap exactly is. Well, they are a nightmare for county workers trying to clear the roads and for motorists on windy days. Despite their name, this is more than just snow trapped in an enclosed area, snow traps are also piles of snow near roadways.

With large amounts of snow everywhere this winter, some homeowners just want it out of their way and don’t necessarily think about where they are piling it.

“Once you start a pile, it creates a huge drift and you move the drift and it creates a bigger pile and it’s just kind of a circular problem,” said Winnebago County Engineer Scott Meinders.

So it pays to think ahead before you have to move these massive piles. Meinders suggests moving these piles further in on your property or field and away from the road.

“If the equipment is available, you know a snow blower or a more powerful loader, just to push those things far back into the properties and into the fields, anywhere where the drifting isn’t as impactful,” he said.

It doesn’t just help out the road crews; it also improves a driver’s safety on the highways. It’s something to keep fresh in your mind, since it appears winter isn’t taking a break anytime soon.

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